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This is great.

2015-06-15 16:02:10 by lividup

I'm actually glad that this site has a bunch of creative minds on it, animators, voice actors, musicians, artists, game makers, etc. I feel like I don't belong with such talented people, but I promise you I'll do my best.


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2015-06-15 16:44:51

Don't feel overwhelmed xD We're all smaller than we seem. We are just silly creators that have time on their hands. Welcome to the crib :d

lividup responds:



2015-06-16 01:35:26

Oh hell yes! Lmao nah you're right where you belong, with the derpiest of the derp (aka me and everyone on this flippin site)

lividup responds:

I've seen what this site has to offer, and I sure hope you're right. Thanks for the warm welcome!