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Help! I'm new and I don't know stuff!

2015-06-18 16:13:53 by lividup

I need some tips on uploading audio. I use Audacity (yeah, kinda shocking) and I wanna upload some voice tracks for you guys to enjoy, problem is, whenever I try to do so, it won't work.


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2015-06-19 01:26:27

Hello, welcome! So do you have your voice tracks as MP3's? That's the format I use to upload on here, what problems exactly do you have?

lividup responds:

I'm trying to convert them to MP3's since they're not default as them, and I'm having trouble with that plus my microphone sucks


2015-06-21 14:02:15

And you're exporting them in Audacity as MP3's? And as far as a microphone goes, if you're really invested in voice acting, a neumann u57 is a pretty good microphone that'll last awhile and is great for recording (if you're using an interface with your microphone).

lividup responds:

Yeah, I'm exporting them. I'll stick with this little mic until I can afford a new one.