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Frequent Posting?

2016-08-16 21:48:02 by lividup

I guess you could say my activity on this website has been very lackluster in the year (I can't believe it either) that I've had this account. Other than stuffing food into my face, writing music, playing my guitar, and singing along to alternative 90s bands, I've done nothing. I'll just watch a movie or play a game on here every once in a while, but the satisfaction of creating something and watching it have success has not yet happened to me. 

In the past, I have expressed my concern for creation on NG and my 3 pieces of art, shamefully created in 5 minutes in MS Paint, haven't gotten a rating yet. I've put tags on them, even, but at that, I bet people don't exactly search for those specific tags on the NG art portal. 

Still a voice actor, though. Still a writer. Still a musician. None of those aspects of me are gonna change anytime soon. But my current music project is probably gonna be uploaded elsewhere, unless I can figure out a way to upload it here. 


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