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Frequent Posting?

2016-08-16 21:48:02 by lividup

I guess you could say my activity on this website has been very lackluster in the year (I can't believe it either) that I've had this account. Other than stuffing food into my face, writing music, playing my guitar, and singing along to alternative 90s bands, I've done nothing. I'll just watch a movie or play a game on here every once in a while, but the satisfaction of creating something and watching it have success has not yet happened to me. 

In the past, I have expressed my concern for creation on NG and my 3 pieces of art, shamefully created in 5 minutes in MS Paint, haven't gotten a rating yet. I've put tags on them, even, but at that, I bet people don't exactly search for those specific tags on the NG art portal. 

Still a voice actor, though. Still a writer. Still a musician. None of those aspects of me are gonna change anytime soon. But my current music project is probably gonna be uploaded elsewhere, unless I can figure out a way to upload it here. 

Creative Block

2016-06-18 23:34:38 by lividup

You know how you have an idea, and you wanna share it with other people but you have absolutely no idea how?

Yeah, that's me right now. I'm afraid that if and when I create and share content here, it'll be ignored. This is a huge community.

My art is lackluster, I can't upload audio and I have no idea how to make games or movies. I'm like in a rut, held down by my limited knowledge. 


2016-01-23 23:13:52 by lividup

What better way to celebrate one of my favorite kinds of art than play a bunch of things involving it?

Happy Pixel Day!


2016-01-23 01:13:23 by lividup

Wow. I haven't been on here in a long time.

I'll just stay in the shadows for now.

Okay, bye.

I need some tips on uploading audio. I use Audacity (yeah, kinda shocking) and I wanna upload some voice tracks for you guys to enjoy, problem is, whenever I try to do so, it won't work.

Content Update

2015-06-16 13:25:24 by lividup

As for the content I'm submitting to here, I'm gonna stick to art for a while before I do any voice clips/music. It's giving me some trouble on the audio part of things, but not in art. Stay tuned, ladies and gentlemen! 

This is great.

2015-06-15 16:02:10 by lividup

I'm actually glad that this site has a bunch of creative minds on it, animators, voice actors, musicians, artists, game makers, etc. I feel like I don't belong with such talented people, but I promise you I'll do my best.

Oh hey.

2015-06-13 14:43:10 by lividup

So this is a site where I can submit my own creative creations? Sign me up! Oh wait...

Anyway, hey guys! I look forward to sharing my weird submissions with y'all!